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Inspiration : Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

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At the late 1996, I was influenced by amazing comic ‘Dragon Ball’ like other child at the time, I collected everything, start with comic, sticker, card, video (yeah, VCR before VCD take over), poster, vinil etc.  I really enjoyed reading his manga, he introduce me about the manga world, at the time, I tell myself, I want to draw like Akira Toriyama, I think, I’m not the one, even Masashi Kishimoto idolizing him, this my fan art for my favorite move, fusion! Click here for full view.


Let by Gone be by Gone 2 – Flying Without Wing

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Feb. 22, Mohd Razif Omar was driving on the Pauh Highway, when the factory-installed sunroof glass panel on his EG 9 Honda Ferio suddenly blew off. 

“unsuspected, unwarned, nightmare! Yeah, now it will be ‘real sunroof’. Last week I told my friend about the stories of flying sunroof that I read from internet. Then, it was happened to myself. Several of my friends shocked and didn’t believe (Me too!). In my opinion, there is two causes, first, you didn’t close your sunroof properly when you want to speed up, second, mechanical part, manufacturing defect. In my case, I think the glue melting because of sun heat, lately, weather is too hot! (maybe Japanese glue didn’t suitable to Malaysia weather, or maybe it’s too old) When I arrive, I touched the glue, it feel like touching the shit! I scared it striking other autos”

It really rare (both, case & sunroof itself) but, I’m not alone. They didn’t reproduced, the only place I could get it back is, half-cut shop, they didn’t sell only the glasses, want or not, you must buy entire roof! The market value is about Rm 1200 – 1500 for completed set, but, thanks to my friend, he can get only Rm 900 for completed set.

So, if I looking back, it’s so painful, the causes, money, time… I just remembered, out there, so many people have a worse bad luck than me, Chobaan…

Self Motivation

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Everyone have a problem, can’t be denied, but how big we created the problem? How big the risk? How to solve or resolve? What if we failed? Why I didn’t think before? There is too much question come around in our mind.

I believe, the major problem of human kind is related with money, health, physical energy, beauty, creativity, recognition, power, adventure, contentment, achievement, self-expression, authority, love, peace of mind, enlightenment.

The fact is, everything is comes from God, He can take or give anytime He want.

Maybe some people said, “I believed in God, I prayed,  but god didn’t approved my prayed”.  Do you ever think why? Everything what comes from God have the reason, everything, anything. So, He know what the best for our self.

If you trapped with the problem, unresolvable, and your moral down, your motivation flying away, dispirited, now, take your breath, Used that time to more positive thinking. Your never accomplish your goal if you didn’t failed.

Quote From : Thomas A. Edison

– Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.

– Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.

End Quote.

Don’t close your heart and mind gate, keep on pray with effort, believe in yourself and God, know your potential, don’t fear to failed, think clearly and calculate every risk,  and now, it’s time to push your limit to your goal! Don’t give up! For your bright future! Go!

– This is myself motivation, just for sharing, good come from Allah, and every weakness is come from me –

Memories Remain… 3 – Very Remain

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Wonder who that cute little boy above? He is me  , middle is my big brother and then my uncle, behind is my cousin.

I didn’t remember what happened behind this pictures, lately, I’ve felt time move rapidly, I’ve many planning in my mind that I didn’t archive yet.

Being little child is the best moment, I hope I will back that time with present mind, many thing that I could do, for example …errr… nevermind….

So, I can’t see that face anymore and 20 years later maybe I can’t see my face now, time changed everything, I hope this new year I can archive what in ‘old year’. Cayok! Cayok!

Unwanted Guest

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6th November 2009 – Afternoon to sunset, heavy rain.

My village – Water come upward and overflow, as I expected (base on experience), flood will coming soon (either small or big), so, we can’t stop it. My village is unique, there like big cauldron, maybe a long time ago, the time dinosaur was conquer our world, there are meteor hurled my village (just kidding).

Myself – Need a lot of time and energy, thankful, my house is two stories type, so, I must transfer all  equipment that may damaged by flood, especially furniture, before they will look like biscuit-in-hot-tea.

Then, after several day,  I could see the muddy road in front of my house, I and my family started to  setup back and cleaning all the mess, and once again, after several day, ‘it’s’ come again…

I still remembered, 2004 is the most worst flooding, six times if compared with…