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Memories Remain…

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This Friday morning calling back my memories about Putrajaya, this pictures just piece of them, Putrajaya Mosque from the inside, the rest is secret, haha…

1st time I step on this mosque, I felt astonished with the beauty of architecture, so, like usually, I take the 1st line, after solat sunat, I seat, suddenly, my back felt so cold, there is air conditional system inside the pillar! I look around, this mosque full of beautiful decoration light. What the wonderful mosque…

The Beautiful Suspended Frozen Crystal

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The Earth full of amazements, overwhelming wonders! This picture I take on half way to my home, from my workspace. The most beautiful wonder that I Loved, that proved the power of almighty, Allah. An important ecosystem, that make our earth healthy (included we all).

Genetic Problem

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This picture has been taken at my father’s Harum Manis farm, Poor tree, but,  sometimes, weird thing make something/someone unique, in this modern world, everyone tried to get attention, to take the risk, to push the limit, that the good thing (if you do the good thing la), that my 1st opinion when 1st time i saw this, how about you?


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I loved color, especially Black, why? Maybe because ‘me too’ also black, haha. Majority people said, black is representation for chaos, bad luck, evil, death  and evil.  The fact is,  black just made from 100% of cyan, magenta and yellow (C,M,Y).  More information, Click Here.

For me, I like black characteristic, flexible, variable, absorption, versatile and elegance. Black metal?  I only like their music (some of them so melodious and harmony, like cradle of filth) not follow their ideology, culture and another, I agreed, some of their lyric can’t be accepted.

Unknown Feeling

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I feel chaos everywhere, in the same time, my heart like rainbow that never end…