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I Build 4 – FTP to Transfer Data

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So, I continue, FTP is..err.. Please read here , I used FileZilla – an open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This is very important tool…I repeat, very important tool.  Open Site Manager tab (ctrl+s), click at new site button, insert your host number (example : your user-name and password, same as given by your Web Hosting Service  provider, then connect.

There you will see the list of your files / filename at hosting, open filename ‘httpdocs’, then put your website that you design before in this folder. On the the web browser, Mozilla or IE, type your website name (example : at navigation toolbar, then, enter, tadaa… , if nothing coming out, try refresh. If you design using MS Office Publisher, maybe there is something missing, because, this is not a professional tool to develop website, only basic thing… I prefer to use Dreamweaver to develop such a good website (or maybe professional?) there is everything that you need, but 1st you must learn the very basic thing of HTML and CSS, I recommend this website, almost there. What important thing is ‘EFFORT’ to learns.

If I have some diligence to write the next topic of this ‘I Build’ title, I will write about my experience using Dreamweaver, or maybe a little bit about HTML and CSS.

To Be Continue…?

My 7 steps – Home

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Long…so long I didn’t post anything, lately I’m so busy and have a limited time only, maybe I should adopt ‘Hantu Raya’ (Festival Ghost? Haha) to take over my blog, just kidding. Some people asked me, what’s your blog for? So, read this. I have so many thing that I want to post, maybe someday…

Today, I would like to share the step by step how I draw using Corel Painter, the reason I used this magical software is, there are more closed to the traditional technique, more artistic and wonderful variety of brush variants the program offers.

Usually, I only make this 7 steps, enough, I didn’t make of tutorial or something like that, didn’t want to teach you to do this and that (in fact, I still in learning process), just want to share, if you want to draw, draw from your inner heart, that better…

Step 1:
I start out by making a rough sketch at new layer, build the simple structure. I often use simple airbrushes.
Step 2:
Then I add basic color using difference layer.
Step 3:
focusing on the relationship between light and shadows.
Step 4:
Make structure more solid and start to build the background.
Step 5:
I create more details using oils and digital watercolor.
Step 6:
Need more details.
Step 7:
Then, until, I have to force my mind to stop before I continue this forever…