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Posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 at 9:19 am

6th November 2009 – Afternoon to sunset, heavy rain.

My village – Water come upward and overflow, as I expected (base on experience), flood will coming soon (either small or big), so, we can’t stop it. My village is unique, there like big cauldron, maybe a long time ago, the time dinosaur was conquer our world, there are meteor hurled my village (just kidding).

Myself – Need a lot of time and energy, thankful, my house is two stories type, so, I must transfer all  equipment that may damaged by flood, especially furniture, before they will look like biscuit-in-hot-tea.

Then, after several day,  I could see the muddy road in front of my house, I and my family started to  setup back and cleaning all the mess, and once again, after several day, ‘it’s’ come again…

I still remembered, 2004 is the most worst flooding, six times if compared with…

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