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Posted on Monday, December 14th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

Early 2007 – I Completely, totally loss about  ‘How-to-make-own-website’. Didn’t have any basic thing or study background (I’m pure mechanical man).  But I have my powerful curious…

Then, I saw this banner and I click,

So…what I must do now? There, I’ve seen a ‘text field’ space to check available domain name, I wrote on, not available, hmm, I wanted raz term, try to think an unique name, then raz-veinz come out, yes, available.

I register my domain name, that cost me rm 40.00, tried with my internet browser, just an error message appear, what is domain for? What I must do to make something appear? Sigh, I didn’t think about this at the 1st placed, excitement controlled my mind…

To Be Continue…

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