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DIY : Oil Painting – Portrait – Meaningful Smile 3

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 10:39 am

For my Meaningful Smile Series collection,

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t make of tutorial or something like that,
didn’t want to teach you to do this and that
(in fact, I’m still in the learning process), just want to share,
if you want to draw, draw from your inner heart, that better…

For the equipment and preparation, you can refer introduction of my previous entry : DIY : Oil Painting – Portrait  , I start with rough pencil sketch,  It doesn’t have to be exact, just for composition.

I use dark color for background to help me choose the right tone to mix and and to see relationship between main character and the background, lets it dry…

Playing with the shadow, use a little black and light color to adjust the face…

Do more adjustments in the face. Re-sketch with the pencil…

Focus on eyes, nose and mouth, mix the color until get the right tone for the skin, need more patient…using white color to marking the part that need lighting effect.

Adding more details at the mouth and the skin, try to balance the shadow between skin and shadow, to make color layers smooth, I used my fingers tip. Adjust body posture. Start building the background.

Once again, more details on the face, lighting and the background…

Make sure painting completely dry, then apply the varnish oil, put the frame and done!

Motivation: What important is, don’t give up and don’t be hesitate, this your arts, be proud

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  1. armandd says:

    Amazing! The skin tone is really accurate.

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