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DIY : Oil Painting – Beautiful flower, Red Rose

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 at 8:58 am

Flowers is always ‘ever green’ subject to draw, who doesn’t like it’s beauty? Natural beauty, fresh, simple subject, and can paint it any way you like, There’s really no wrong way to paint a flower. In my case, I want to paint Red Rose, simple but complicated

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t make of tutorial or something like that,
didn’t want to teach you to do this and that
(in fact, I’m still in the learning process), just want to share,
if you want to draw, draw from your inner heart, that better…

For the equipment and preparation, you can refer introduction of my previous entry : DIY : Oil Painting – Portrait  , I start with rough pencil sketch,  It doesn’t have to be exact, just for composition.

I use dark color for background to help me choose the right tone to mix and and to see relationship between main character and the background, lets it dry…

Didn’t hesitated,  just put the color that I feel right, put creamy white for the sky, and a little mix black with green for the mass of leafs,  lets it dry…

Use light green mix with white for the rose’s leaf, adjust and put some details in the background,  lets it dry…

I re-sketch them with ball pen, yes ball pen…

Concentrate more on light, color, shadow and shape…lets it dry…

Continue for concentrate more on light, color, shadow and shape…draw details with small size brush, lets it dry…

For finishing, I draw some water drop at the petals and put more detail in the background and bloom with shadows and highlights, until I said to my self  ‘yes this is my art!’  and I stop before it becomes somebody else art.

Make sure painting completely dry, then apply the varnish oil, put the frame and done! You question me what is the thing below the flower? That for mysterious effect 

Motivation: What important is, don’t give up and don’t be hesitate, this your arts, be proud

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