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Me & Gabron Alagondar

Posted on Thursday, August 27th, 2009 at 11:21 am

4 years ago she come to my house, and eat waste, I wonder where she come from? Day by day, she still come, before that, I’ve one white cat named Kuru-kuru, the blind eye cat, then he lost (Kuru-kuru, if you still alive and read this blog, please come home).

Back to Gabron, then, several day later, she giving birth to 2 cutez orange cats (I really don’t know that she had pregnancy, I think she eat too much), unfortunately,  one dead,  my mom and I feed her everyday, and I started to name her Gabron.

My family have a planning to visit my uncle at Negeri Sembilan for several day, so, my mom leave Gabron and her son to my neighbour, then when I come home, her son didn’t come back again , my neighbour name him Merah (what the nonsense name) and kept him untill now.

Then, I didn’t remember how many time she giving birth (So productive), but, almost all died , only two still alive and grow up as an adult cat,  lately, she have 3 cutez child (one dead in very tragic way). What the best moment is, when I called “Gabron”, the whole family come to me. I hope they happy  living with my family, until forever…

– END –

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3 Responses to “Me & Gabron Alagondar”

  1. fahana says:

    hihihi..gabron..gabron…comeynye kucing…tuan die pon comey….
    and teruskn menyayangi kucing-kucing sekalian..idup kucing!!!!!

  2. fahana says:

    waaaa…nk kucing seko leh?

  3. Raz says:

    Boleh, amik la dua ekoq pun, hehe

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