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I Build 3 – I Design (For Beginner)

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Time to sit again, ok, now I got da space and da name, the next question is, how to design website & upload it, how? hoW? hOW? HOW?

In the control panel, there are many technical term that I didn’t really understand, tried to refer on several tutorial and website, but, more term come around on my cerebrum, arghh…

Then I focus to design website 1st, before I learn Dreamweaver, the very 1st software I used is MS Office Publisher 2003 (MSOP 2003), suitable for beginner. Both used term of WYSIWYG , is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get, make programmer life easier, compared to old method, programmer must know every codes and remember names of layout commands before make the program.

Easy, open up your MSOP 2003, on tab New From a design, click  ‘ Web Sites and E-mail –> Web sites’, there is lot of Web Site template you can choose, also, you can make your own template, same tab, at ‘Blank Publication —> Web page’. What I like about MSOP 2003 is the function of HTML code fragment, at the menu Insert (Alt+i). Take some code from Internet and paste, usually, I used my imagination or base on several website I open, for example, I want my website have a date, I search on Internet, and found one like below

<table width=”120″ border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>
<script language=”JavaScript1.2″>

<!– Begin
var months=new Array(13);
var time=new Date();
var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1];
var date=time.getDate();
var year=time.getYear();
if (year < 2000)    // Y2K Fix, Isaac Powell
year = year + 1900; //
document.write(“<right>” + lmonth + ” “);
document.write(date + “, ” + year + “</right>”);
// End –>

I copy and paste, done! Also, you can placed the code anywhere you want, just drag it. There are thousand code outside, just use your imagination and put some effort to find it. If you want to make new page, ‘Insert —> Page… (Ctrl+Shift+n)’, you also can put hyperlink for every page,’Insert —> Navigation Bar —> New (Alt+i+n+n)’ also several function like buttons, page header, etc…

Another interesting function is ‘Edit Master Pages (Ctrl+m)’, to make all have for example, same header, background or footer.

You can preview your website 1st before publish, File —> Publish to the Web, here, change the extension from .htm to .html.

Now, I have the Web pages, but, only I could see, I want anyone can access it, once again… how? hoW? hOW? HOW?

To Be Continue…

I Build

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Early 2007 – I Completely, totally loss about  ‘How-to-make-own-website’. Didn’t have any basic thing or study background (I’m pure mechanical man).  But I have my powerful curious…

Then, I saw this banner and I click,

So…what I must do now? There, I’ve seen a ‘text field’ space to check available domain name, I wrote on, not available, hmm, I wanted raz term, try to think an unique name, then raz-veinz come out, yes, available.

I register my domain name, that cost me rm 40.00, tried with my internet browser, just an error message appear, what is domain for? What I must do to make something appear? Sigh, I didn’t think about this at the 1st placed, excitement controlled my mind…

To Be Continue…