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How to Repair Snap/broken Bolt/Stud Using Hand Tapping

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This is nightmare for some people, including me, do you recognize this special stud? The 10mm bolt/stud is easily over-torque.

DISCLAIMER: I can not say this is the best or safest way to do. I am not
responsible for any thing you damage, or what ever harm you cause to
yourself or others. This is how I did it and it worked for me.

Grinding the surface.

For 10mm bolt, using the M6x1.0 (M6 mean the major (nominal) diameter of the thread and 1.0 is the pitch of the thread) tap and 5mm (the major (nominal) diameter of the thread – is the pitch of the thread = 5). From left, drill, taper tap, plug tap and bottom tap.

You also need the tap wrench. There are two main types of tap wrenches: double-end adjustable wrenches and T-handle wrenches. Double-end adjustable wrenches, also known as bar wrenches, have one threaded handle which is attached to one of the clamps. The clamp is opened to insert the tool and then tightened down against the tool to secure it. This type of tap wrench is used with larger taps and where there is room for a larger wrench, because a T-handle is more compact.

Before drilling, punch the stud center to keeps the drill bit from wandering around when you start drilling.

Make sure the hole is 90° and deep enough.

Tips before and during tapping :

1. Make sure the cutting teeth is always stand straight 90° around (left, right, front, back).

2. Use lubricant, example : Tapping fluid, WD-40, engine or machine oil or even your blood (just kidding) to reduce friction binding and aid in chip removal.

3. Take the time, taps are brittle (make from HSS – High Speed Steel) go slow, or you will need another tool, broken tap removal!

4. After 1 – 3 thread(s) (you will feel a little bit tight), move the tap counterclockwise and anticlockwise to remove the chips of loose material.

5. Be patient.

For starting, use the tapper tap, make several threads (usually the first 3-5 threads), then use the plug tap for further threads, and bottom tap for finishing.


Bolt in tightly and cut the bold head.

Look like an original right?

And after several day, my friend found this at the junkyard. My super friend!


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Let’s leave your mouse for a while…

Yes, also your keyboard….

Just relax

Take a deep breath

Slowly release


Release together with your unwanted stress

To think….

We stay have what we have now

That maybe what we want for the future

So, be thankful

Now do back your precious work!

We All Have a Super Power!

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Everyone has a potential to develop something incredible and amazing, all because we all have a super power, the power of will and believe! But the power will not come easily as I said, it’ll come with the great effort…video below show us a good example,

Don’t give up!

Chess – Art of Strategy Game

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I love playing Chess, it is a beautiful game, for example, Chess will teach you to appreciated time, and gave me an idea for Time is Soul quote, for introduction, I would like to show you Chess sensation,

Must view!

Anand Vs. Ivanchuk blitz game – A missed mate in one

Who else more qualify than top Chess Grand Master to talk about chess? Let’s see what they say about Chess, most of them are Chess Artist;


I consider chess an art, and accept all those responsibilities which art places upon its devotees.

Alexander Alekhine


Chess is the art of analysis.


Chess is the art which expresses the science of logic.

Mikhail Botvinnic


Chess is mental torture.
Garry Kasparov


Chess is everything: art, science, and sport.
Anatoly Karpov


Chess is like a language, the top players are very fluent at it. Talent can be developed scientifically but you have to find first what you are good at.


For me, chess is not a profession. It is a way of life, a passion. People may feel that I have conquered the peak and will not have to struggle. Financially, perhaps that is true; but as far as chess goes, I’m still learning a lot!
Viswanathan Anand


Chess is like body-building. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain – chess is a matter of daily training.

Vladimir Kramnik


A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great chess player.


Chess is life.


Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.


Chess is a matter of delicate judgement, knowing when to punch and how to duck.

Bobby Fischer


The best indicator of a chess player’s form is his ability to sense the climax of the game.

Boris Spassky


In my games I have sometimes found a combination intuitively simply feeling that it must be there. Yet I was not able to translate my thought processes into normal human language.

Tal Mikhail


I have frequently stated that I regard chess as an art form, where creativity prevails over other factors.

Vasily Smyslov


Chess is something more than a game. It is an intellectual diversion which has certain artistic qualities and many scientific elements.

Jos Ral Capablanca


By some ardent enthusiasts Chess has been elevated into a science or an art. It is neither; but its principal characteristic seems to be – what human nature mostly delights in – a fight.

Emanuel Lasker


Chess is not for the faint-hearted; it absorbs a person entirely. To get to the bottom of this game, he has to give himself up into slavery. Chess is difficult, it demands work, serious reflection and zealous research.

Wilhelm Steinitz


Those who think that it is easy to play chess are mistaken. During a game a player lives on his nerves, and at the same time he must be perfectly composed.

Viktor Kortchnoi


Chess is imagination.

David Bronstein


For more Chess quotes —>

Kronologi Kemerdekaan

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27 Julai 1955

Pilihanraya umum kali pertama. 52 kerusi dipertandingkan untuk ke Majlis Persekutuan. Parti perikatan yang diketuai oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al- Haj telah memenangi 51 kerusi.

1 Januari 1956

Tunku Abdul Rahman dan rombongan merdeka berangkat ke London dari Singapura, menaiki kapal laut Asia hingga ke Karachi dan dari sana menaiki kapal terbang ke london.

16 Januari 1956

Rombongan merdeka tiba di London. Ahli rombongan yang terlibat terdiri daripada: Tunku Abdul Rahman (Ketua) , Datuk Abdul Razak bin Hussain, Kol. H.S Lee, Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman, T.H Tan. Wakil raja-raja terdiri daripada: Datuk Nik Ahmad Kamil Haji Mahmood ( MB Kelantan), Dato’Abdul Aziz Abdul Majid (MB Selangor), Haji Abdul Wahab ( MB Perak), Dato’ Mohammed Seth (Johor) dan MCS Abdul Kadir Sahamsuddin.

8 Februari 1956

Tututan kemerdekaan dipersetujui dan ditandatangani antara Tunku Abdul Rahman dengan Menteri Tanah Jajahan Inggeris, Alan Lenox di Lancaster House.

21 Februari 1956

Rombongan Tunku tiba di Padang Merdeka, Melaka dan disambut oleh ratusan ribu rakyat yang sedang menunggu.

21 Februari 1957

Penyata Suruhanjaya Reid dikeluarkan. Menggubal undang-undang Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu Merdeka. Antaranya: pembentukan parlimen, Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan timbalan sebagai Ketua Negara, kuasa raja-raja Melayu, agama rasmi, perlantikan Perdana Menteri, pilihanraya dan lain-lain.

9 Mei 1957

Tunku sekali lagi berangkat ke London untuk persiapan terakhir kemerdekaan bersama Datuk Abdul Razak, Dato’ Sambathan, Datuk Ong Yoke Lin, dan penyimpan Mohor Raja-raja Melayu, Haji Mustapa Al-Bakri.

31 Ogos 1957

12.01 dinihari di Padang Kelab selangor berhadapan Bangunan sultan Abdul Samad, bendera Inggeris, Union Jack telah diturunkan buat kali terakhir dan digantikan dengan Bendera Persekutuan. 8.00 pagi di Stadium Merdeka, Tunku Abdul Rahman Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah, Perdana Menteri Malaya yang pertama mengisytiharkan kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu. MERDEKA!!!