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Let by Gone be by Gone 2 – Flying Without Wing

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Feb. 22, Mohd Razif Omar was driving on the Pauh Highway, when the factory-installed sunroof glass panel on his EG 9 Honda Ferio suddenly blew off. 

“unsuspected, unwarned, nightmare! Yeah, now it will be ‘real sunroof’. Last week I told my friend about the stories of flying sunroof that I read from internet. Then, it was happened to myself. Several of my friends shocked and didn’t believe (Me too!). In my opinion, there is two causes, first, you didn’t close your sunroof properly when you want to speed up, second, mechanical part, manufacturing defect. In my case, I think the glue melting because of sun heat, lately, weather is too hot! (maybe Japanese glue didn’t suitable to Malaysia weather, or maybe it’s too old) When I arrive, I touched the glue, it feel like touching the shit! I scared it striking other autos”

It really rare (both, case & sunroof itself) but, I’m not alone. They didn’t reproduced, the only place I could get it back is, half-cut shop, they didn’t sell only the glasses, want or not, you must buy entire roof! The market value is about Rm 1200 – 1500 for completed set, but, thanks to my friend, he can get only Rm 900 for completed set.

So, if I looking back, it’s so painful, the causes, money, time… I just remembered, out there, so many people have a worse bad luck than me, Chobaan…