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DIY : Honda B-Series Engine Spool Valve / VTEC Solenoid Gasket Replacement

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There are oily around the solenoid valve…

Close up…

Yeah, as I expected…

This is common leak on most VTEC engine, just easy thing to do to fix it, replace the gasket,

First thing to do is, carefully disconnect VTEC oil pressure sensor and VTEC spool sensor, Its advised to perform this on a cold engine

Remove 3 10mm bolt from the solenoid,

This is the surface of solenoid, the gasket come with the filter,

Remove 3 10mm bolt from the top of solenoid, do some inspection, push the spool valve and check its movement, it should move smoothly,

Clean the solenoid,

Compare the gasket side by side,

If you wonder what inside the solenoid,

Replace with new gasket,

Put everything back in reverse order, the torque is about 12Nm (9lb-ft).

Another leak free