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I Build 5 – Creating Webpage Template Using Dreamweaver

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A web template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for mass-production of web documents. It is a basic component of a web template system. Web templates can be used to set up any type of website. In its simplest sense, a web template operates similarly to a form letter for use in setting up a website. Source :

Example below showed how I build my simple webpage template ( © Mohd Razif Omar

1. Folder

Open Dreamweaver, first we need to create root folder (website’s project folder),

Click Site (Alt+s) –> New site…(n) –> Advanced –> Local info –> Site name : (Any name that you prefer) –> Local root folder : (Any location that you prefer) –> Default images folder : (optional)

–> Click OK (Enter)

2. Blank Template

So now, we are ready to make the template,

Click File (Alt+f) –> New (n) –> Blank template –> Template Type : HTML (HyperText Markup Language)  template –> Layout : <none> –> Click Create (Enter)

Basically, The web page is then further subdivided into two main sections which are the ‘head’ and the ‘body’. The head section begins with the <head> start tag and terminates with the </head> end tag. Immediately following this comes the <body> start tag and just before the html end tag comes the </body> end tag.

The head section or document head has little content and mostly contains HTML coded instructions on how to title, categorize and ‘run’ the web page. The body section or document body on the other hand contains almost all of the content that you will put on your web page and this content —usually text but can also be pictures and sounds— is formatted using more HTML code. All text that you place outside of any angle brackets will become ‘visible text’ and will be displayed by your web browser on your web page. By placing that text in between the start and end tags of certain HTML elements, you can instruct a web browser where and how to display that text.

At the ‘body’ section, insert “Editable Region”,

Click Insert (Alt+i) –> Template Objects –> Editable Region ( Ctrl+Alt+v) –> Name: (Any name that you prefer) –> Click OK (Enter)

Editable portions of the template can be changed from page to page, allowing you to use the template for different pages on your website. Editable regions will appear wherever the text cursor is pointing, so move the cursor to the area you want to make editable.

Save (Ctrl+s) –> Save as: (Any name that you prefer) –> Click Save (Enter)

The file is saved in the Templates folder with a .dwt extension.

3. Title

Adding a title element to Webpage, This title is created using the <title>...</title> tags which are themselves always nested within the <head>...</head> tags. All text appearing after the <title> start tag and before the </title> end tag will be displayed as your web page title.

4. Meta Element

Used for a couple of different functions inside the HEAD section. For example, to make search engines like Google and Yahoo! or web browsers to know about important keywords inside the document such a page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata.

Some search engines will use the name and content attributes of the meta element to index your pages.

The following meta element defines a description of a page:

<meta name=”description” content=”Raz Veinz Art” />

The following meta element defines keywords for a page:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”freelance,illustrator,drawing,art,raz,veinz,Mohd Razif Omar,graphic design,illustration,web design,” />

The intention of the name and content attributes is to describe the content of a page.

To be continue…

Honda Civic SR4/SR3 EG9/EG6 B16A MUGEN Cat-back Exhaust System 1st Generation

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This is the rarest item that I get from my ‘runner’, Mugen cat-back exhaust eystem 1st generation for my car, 2.25″ piping, JASMA tag, s-flow type muffler for street perfomance in very good condition!

Let exhaust exit freely will increase the power, isn’t true? There is something that need to consider too, like, back pressure, upgrade or you will downgrade your exhaust system, but I believe at Mugen R&D department.

Exhaust piping diameter is a crucial part in the exhaust system. For those with 1600cc engines and below, stick with anything less than 2.0″ except if you had extensive jobs on the engine such as higher compression pistons or performance camshaft upgrades. For stock VTEC or MIVEC 1600cc and above, around 2.0″ to 2.25″ is acceptable. Some people even use 2.5″ on stock VTEC but the result is poor at lower rpm because the exhaust gas have less velocity to travel. Apart from the diameter, the piping route is also important. Straight pipes are not really advisable for street because they tend to get in the way when you’re running on a road bump. It is annoying and you will get scratches on the bottom of the pipe, or worse bent pipes. Piping that follows the original route is the best. While it gives you stock appearance, many people claim that it gives better low end to midrange power compare to straight piping. While weak at low end, straight piping somehow tend to give better acceleration power because exhaust gas gets out easily because of the shorter pipe compare to stock. Source :

Made from only the highest grade polished 304 stainless steel!

From Mugen catalog,

This is my old system, 2.0″ piping, time to say goodbye…

Catalyst converter deleted (de-cat)! Catalyst converters are the biggest restriction to the exhaust gas flow. Removing it will definitely release some more power, but it is bad for environment.

My new system, fits! what the beautiful bend!

Muffler is more to cosmetic rather than performance. There is minimal difference in power output if we compare straight-thru type muffler (also known as N1 type) with s-flow type muffler (which usually have big resonator box). The later is seemed to be more preferable for street usage because more silent, thus giving more pleasant driving experience especially while in cruising mode. Personally, I would recommend Tanabe s-flow like the G-Medallion series because they are very silent when idling and cruising. This avoids attention from the authority. If you are going for N1 type, make sure it is made of good quality. Avoid imitations, they are widely sold by Wei Yip (tidak tipu customer) at surprisingly cheap price. Good exhaust doesn’t come cheap but they are worth it. Try to spend some time to go to ‘kedai potong’ and try look for used branded exhaust. They are worth it. Other than that, exhaust with JASMA tag (not JASMA brand) should be good enough for street. From my experience and observations, JASMA approved exhaust tend to be quiet, unless the used mufflers are already running out of fiber. If your setup is still noisy, it is advisable to install a resonator (bullet silencer) in the middle. Source :

Even I didn’t do dyno test, but I could feel, the sound and the power, gentle sound at the low RPM (1-4K), sporty sound without being too loud or raspy at the high RPM (5-7K), silent but deadly! overall sound is just amazing though.

We All Have a Super Power!

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Everyone has a potential to develop something incredible and amazing, all because we all have a super power, the power of will and believe! But the power will not come easily as I said, it’ll come with the great effort…video below show us a good example,

Don’t give up!

I Hope

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Dear my precious audience, thankz for visiting my humble blog page, even this is my personal blog, but I just keep in my mind that after my precious reader leave, that’s something that you can carry out with you, something that useful, I hope…

Lately, my entry seems inconsistent, but I am  just being myself, I write/post based on my interest, I am just a single normal person that has multiple interest, this world is so wide, but our mind even wide, just waiting for us to explore.

Sharing is good, it’s will gain our knowledge, even if we’re sharing about the past, why? Because that will make us remember or will upgrade it, so, that knowledge will not lose or slowly disappear somewhere  in our mind, that is the gain!

My 7 steps – Robot

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Try to practice mechanical subject, and I choose the famous subject, of course, robot.

Today, I would like to share the step by step how I draw using Corel Painter, the reason I used this magical software is, there are more closed to the traditional technique, more artistic and wonderful variety of brush variants the program offers.

Usually, I only make this 7 steps, enough, I didn’t make of tutorial or something like that, didn’t want to teach you to do this and that (in fact, I still in learning process), just want to share, if you want to draw, draw from your inner heart, that better…

Step 1:
I start out by making a rough sketch at new layer, build the simple structure. I often use simple airbrushes.
Step 2:
Then I add basic color using difference layer.
Step 3:
Make structure more solid and start to build the background.
Step 4:
Touch up a little bit. Create a new layers for the fire ball and stone.
Step 5:
I create more details using oils and digital watercolor and focusing on the relationship between light and shadows.
Step 6:
Need more details.
Step 7:
Then, until, I have to force my mind to stop before I continue this forever… click here for Full Preview