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Honda Air-conditioner Blower Motor Run One Speed Only (Maximum Speed)

Posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at 4:20 pm

In my case, blower motor run  if  I select the maximum speed only from the climate control,  the maximum speed drive by relay (bypass), and the others speed controlled by either transistor (many variable speed)  or coils system (control 4 speed only),  that’s mean, the motor didn’t get the voltage supply from transistor/coils, the main suspect is either transistor/coils or before transistor/coils, my blower motor drive by transistor (mostly modern car use transistor to control the motor speed), enough for the theory, time to troubleshoot!

So, where is the location of transistor? Need to remove the glove box first (very easy task), here the suspect…unplug the socket, then remove two screw (green circle). This is of course you could get the new one, the whole set, but there a pricey…or maybe not available at the local shop, that why the term of DIY is exist.

Remove three screw at the front,

and others two at the back.

The last one inside the case (green circle). To remove thermo fuse, desoldering the blue circle terminal, to remove transistor, desoldering the red circle terminals. Wait! Don’t desoldering it yet, until we know the cause.

This is the main component of  blower motor transistor package, three of them, capacitor, thermo fuse and transistor. First to test is thermo fuse, firstly, detach one of the terminal from circuit (I prefer from the screw side). Check the continuity using multimeter or other method. In my case, there is no continuity, so that mean, this is one of the cause and the more important is, cheap replacement .  The complicated thing is to test the transistor.

To test the transistor, first we need the datasheet, this is the model of original transistor, brand : Toshiba, ID : 2SD1460, type : silicon NPN triple diffused type. And need to know a simple operation of transistor (you can ask uncle google). Make sure to identify the base (B), emitter (E) and collector (C) point.

A simple switching circuit to test an NPN transistor. If the transistor is OK the LED should light when the switch is pressed and not light when the switch is released. Source & details :

This is a simple test I make using DC motor as output.

The old vs the new. Used equivalent transistor and thermo fuse.

Put some thermal compound to terminate air gap between transistor and heat sink, for more effective heat transfer.

Put everything back together.

At last, I shoot the trouble…

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4 Responses to “Honda Air-conditioner Blower Motor Run One Speed Only (Maximum Speed)”

  1. Matt says:

    Bro awesome, this is the only proper site that fully explains for this specific ac resistor.
    Please can you give me the thermo fuse model number, volts/amps/temp mine is old and all the writing have erased so don’t know the exact replacement. Thanks in advance.

  2. Raz Veinz says:

    Thanks, you can use any model / brand as long as within the spec, mine is NTE8115, working fine for me, the original spec is, 240V/15A, 119C.

  3. Tengku Noraqilah says:

    Hi, any idea where can get spare part for the transistor, brand : Toshiba, ID : 2SD1460.
    Been searching in workshops in Trg, none found.

  4. Raz Veinz says:

    Try to search for equivalent transistor (refer to picture for model no.) at

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