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5. Build Own House – Roof/Upper Beam

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So, my project almost reach the upper level, the roof/upper beam.

Preparing the rebar cages, same procedure like ground beam, just reduce the size to 1 feet only.

Bringing up!

Using back 1.5 feet ground beam plywood formwork, some, I build the new one, this time I used the ‘bolt on’ technique. We’re just need 1 feet only, other 0.5 feet will be clamping force. Level it using spirit level, so, the beam will be even and have same height.

Inside the box.

In the meanwhile, we’re already have guest. The flying one.

The result.

Repeated. Using wooden stick to reserve the space for electrical conduit (Optional, you could hack the beam later on, but it will involve an extra job). Why not using electrical conduit itself? I like the flexibility thing. At this stage, it is essential to plan/know your house electrical wiring circuit diagram, the location for every points.

I think 0.5 inch is good enough…but I’m insufficient source…

Others guest…

Can you spot my second guest?

Close up. This is second resident, same nest, this remind me how long this project will goes…

 Looking and checking around…

I spare the extent of rebar for the porch construction (hold for now), I think we should step to another step?